About Solar Installer

Who are we?

Solar Installer is one of the leading companies in the Middle East and Africa specializing in Solar PV (Photovoltaic) EPC Services (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) and O&M (Operating & Maintenance).


Solar Installer portfolio includes 250 MW power in Medium & Utility scale projects in 2018


Future Plans: Manufacturing of mounting system and PV modules


Project base manpower: 2128
Offices: Cairo, Egypt – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Our Mission

To undertake and act upon the remarkable combat against climate change through exploiting the power of the sun

Our Vision

To gain momentum in expanding our presence globally by administrating the provision of the utmost reliable source of energy through our solar PV services

  1. Founding of Solar Power® a pioneering PV EPC company

  2. Founding of Solar Installer

    Track record: 200+ MW

  3. Founding of Jeddah branch, Saudi Arabia

  4. Kuwait branch (under construction)